Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eavesdropping: A Perfectly Good Monkey...

You know how bananas get a little grey/brown looking after they've sat, peel-less for a little time?  Well.  I gave each little girl a half a banana for dinner tonight and there were about 45 minutes of hemming and hawing about eating them and by the time wills may have been willing, they bananas were grayish-brown.  You know.  Yucky. So Annie declares that she will not eat this "dirty banana" and goes in search to the banana basket of the "cleanest banana" and  I'm waiting for Jonathan to bring the pain, because not only has he told them to stay in their seats, wasting food is generally frowned upon in our fam.  So he, Jonathan, in all seriousness and with a grave and dignified voice says:

Annie. Sit down this instant and eat this banana. Don't you know, a perfectly good monkey had to die so you could have this banana?

I stifled my laugh, but only until I got into the kitchen and pretended to do the dishes.

As I write, it has been about an hour and both girls are running around howling and the bananas are yet uneaten.  And I am BLOGGING.  Not supporting. Not encouraging.  Blogging. Yep, folks.  That's how we roll. We are awesome parents. Seriously. Take notes.  Sigh.

All the best to you little dead, bananaless monkey.  It's a cruel world. I'm so sorry my children aren't more grateful.