Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday To Jonathan!

My husband is kind of awesome.  He's the kind of man any woman would be proud to be married to, any sister would be proud to call her brother, any mother would be proud to call him son and anyone would be proud to call him a friend.  He's just pretty awesome.  Don't get me wrong.  While we are almost identical in all the deep heart's core stuff, we are almost polar opposites in the day-to-day how we do non-deep-heart's-core stuff.  But I'm changing so we're getting better in that area!  
Just kidding, babe, you make more than your share of changes too. :) 

Jonathan's birthday was low-key this year, just our little family grilling steaks and baking boston cream pie.  We celebrated the life of this amazing man who shouldn't be reduced to my lame rambling efforts to laud him on my blog.  Don't worry.  I tell him all the time how awesome he is.  

Jonathan in the late-90's when he lived in N. Africa doing relief work.  He's a baby-whisperer and children are naturally drawn to him. Including ours.  I think they like him better than they like me most days.  Whatever.  I like him better than I like me most days. 

This is actually a picture of our dinner out on MY birthday, but it was a cute one of both of us.  If I ever get caught up on this blog, you'll see this picture again.  Don't be mad. 

The best thing I've ever given Jonathan for his birthday is the three of these.  They are awesome. I suspect a significant portion of their awesome gene comes from their father. Although I don't think you get portions of genes, so I guess all of it is from their father.  The emotion gene is mine. 

The second best thing I've given Jonathan for his birthday is this!  It is very wee and hardly fits on our porch and there is not really much of a market for grilling in this country, but we love it and on hard days where we miss the states, a cook out meal is comforting. Plus Jonathan likes to be a grill Master. 

This was lily's gift (wrapped by lily and me) and the card,
lest you think she wrote it, was merely dictated and I wrote what she said. 

Annie's gift for Dad.  She wrote most of it and wrapped her gift.  Amazing. 

Grainy picture that does NOT do this creation justice, but, here is my beloved-hated Boston Cream Pie.  Jonathan's favorite dessert.  His mother made it well and it's only taken me 6 years to get the hang of it.  Last year, I made an ice cream cake. I was in no emotional/psychological place to make this cake.  Plus we don't have dark chocolate here.  I know. It is one of the great tragedies of my life.  BUT, my mom brought me a 5 lb bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips when she came in November and I've been hoarding them ever since.  And they made the cake super authentic.  And now I eat chocolate chips by the handfuls. 

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