Monday, July 16, 2012


I may have mentioned that sometimes I think it is hard to live here, in S. Asia.  Have I mentioned that?  I think I have.  Maybe once.  Or twice. 
HOWEVER, (And this is a big however), one of the incredible GIFTS of living here in our country is the 6 month visa run.  Every 6 months we have to leave the country, and back in APRIL (yes. There are several catch up posts that will follow this one. Sheesh.  Pathetic. But I will say that Blogger changed its format somewhere around then and it really threw me off.  So.  Don't judge.) we went to Sri Lanka to take our visa run.  This was particularly special for me to see, because Jonathan lived in SL (previously known as: Ceylon) when we met, and conducted our courtship online so that my friends thought I had an internet boyfriend, which I did not.  Anyway.  It was special to see this tiny tear drop of an island after almost 7 years of hearing about it and feeling like I knew it.  

We arrived in the wee hours of the morning, slept, ate breakfast, went to the beach and just settled into our beds for afternoon naps when there was a knock at the door to say that we needed to take our valuables and run because an earthquake in Indonesia of a significant magnitude had just occurred.  Oh.  By the way.  The earthquake was in the same place as when there was a major tsunami in 2004, December.  Remember that?  Well.  We sure do, because that was the whole reason J was in SL in the first place.  To rebuild after the tsunami.  

Anyway, the proprietor of our hotel took us all to his home inland and kept us there for hours.  The tension was incredible.  We were thrown together with all the people from our hotel, watching news in another language, completely relying on these people to take care of us.  Lots happened.  But suffice it to say, no tsunami occurred and 5 hours later, we returned to our hotel after watching some monitor lizards mating nearby. This gave me great hope.  Because seriously, I think they would have fled for high ground if a tsunami were coming.  Just saying. 

Here we are at the proprietor's home.
They served tea and biscuits, or, for you non-british english people, cookies.

The auto rick that rushed us to safety.  
The following day, after a morning at the beach, we took advantage of the overcast skies to take a inter canal boat tour.  It was awesome. 
Jonathan picked up a live jellyfish by it's non-stinging parts.  This is yet another example of the coolness my spouse displays on a moment by moment basis.  
Artsy Tuk Tuk Photo
All of the excitement was too much for baby ada and she fell asleep on me.
I think it was the near-death experience the day before. 
Riding in the front with Dad. 
The next day we went to see a sea turtle sanctuary.  To protect this endangered species, the owner of the sanctuary spends all his dollars and time to go save these little guys and nurture them into the wild.  It's had major success. 
Not sure how PETA appropriate this is, but they let us hold the babies.  
The girls were so gentle.  It was kind of precious. 
And Jonathan held this guy.  A rather large fellow who was saved from a motorboat injury.
 He moved his flippers a lot. 
Mary Stuart, I thought of you the whole time.  You would have loved this.
The above is an ALBINO sea turtle named Juliet. 
Sea Turtles are cool and all, but sometimes you just need to tidy up the place.
No rest for this little helper.  She loves to sweep. 
Oops.  Did I mention that we went with our dear friends?  We were all up for visa run at the same time and it was SO much fun doing a vaca with another family.  Our kids are months apart from each other and they are some of the most gracious, servant-hearted travel buddies.  Here's my friend Alison holding baby Ada. 
Jonathan taught Annie how to surf some more.  This is his mission every time we go to the beach. 
He tells me she has good form and balance. 
I also tried to surf, but I almost died.  So I stopped.  It's easier to surf when you're 35 lbs. 
Taking it to the ocean. 
Yet another reason I love this man.  
We stayed on shore together. Lily was a little bummed to be left out. 
We told her when she retires the floaties and swims solo, she can try surfing. 
She reluctantly agreed. 
Returning ocean victors. 
Burying each other in the sand. 
Victorious Surfer Girl
Joshua and Caleb.
Super handsome.
Super cool. 
Sri Lanka
What a phenomenal life I get to live. 
Last evening photo shoot. 
Lily 2 years, Ada 7 months, Annie 4 years


DJINFL said...

Love it when you get to go on vacay! Especially when you go to such a cool place AND share pictures. Looking forward to seeing you all this Fall!

-J said...

"It's easier to surf when you're 35 pounds." Or at least when you're 10 pounds lighter than I am! Go, Annie! And, go, J!

In a box somewhere I have a circa-1990 photo at another Asian beach with their daddy &/or Jiji buried in the sand.