Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Joshua!

This little guy, one of Annie and Lily's dear friends, turned four last weekend!
We celebrated his birthday with pizza at a lovely local park here in town.
Lest you think it is too lovely...
I will show you the trash.
My children played in it.
Trash is inescapable here.
But enough of the bad.
We had a fabulous time!
Even Baby Ada dressed up for the occasion, and wore Joshua's favorite color:
Sweet Friends
Joshua's Brother, Caleb, and our friend Amelie
Usually crowds gather to touch our children and pinch their cheeks, but these fellows wanted to shake John's hand.
I think it was the beard.
Is that how you spell beard? It looks weird.
These two spent about 10 minutes telling me the funniest story about monsters that might take you away. I guess that doesn't sound very funny.
It was funny though.
Judah and Joshua.
She jumped to him from there.
I almost choked on my scream.
Jules and Baby Ada
This is Jonathan's Hindi teacher, Neetu.
We love her!
Annie Pie!
Lilsy Belle
In the end, Jonathan commandeered an ice cream cycle and bought ice cream for all the children. And me. It was a spectacle.
And people say I'm the one who likes to be the center of attention.
Love you, babe.
Happy Birthday, Dear Joshua!
Sorry there aren't more photos of you.
Maybe I'll post that video of the story you and Judah told me.
We love you!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wednesday 03.15.2012

She looks like a happy chick, but this baby was miserable all day on Wednesday.
She ran a low-grade fever, cried continuously, coughed pathetically and was just plain clingy.
20 minute naps.

Look at all that gunk!
But then on Thursday morning, she had a new tooth.
front, bottom, left.
The milestones are flying by.
We also got an organic produce order.
In s. asia, thank you very much.

palak & ungur
(spinach & grapes)

I promise I left her alone for maybe 2 1/2 minutes
That was all it took for clothes to come off and the fake sushi to come out.
She marches to her own drum.
Annie sports her plastic heals.
And that was Wednesday.

No Escape

My girls are precious,
don't get me wrong,
but they are all-consuming, too.
I think most children probably are.
But there are three of them.
So today, when I had been up throughout the night with two of them,
and up early in the morning with all three of them,
and on-duty while Jonathan was at Hindi,
I thought I deserved a little 20 minute break to get a few things accomplished at the computer.

So I told them:
Play quietly, girls, and give mommy 20 minutes in her room to get some things done and then I'll play with you again.

They have a nice room. A spacious room. A lovely play area with plenty of toys.
It's simple, but it's colorful.
It's a nice place to be.
But no. Instead they wanted to play in MY room.
And while I clicked away at the computer, some small people were preparing a feast for me.
And they served it to me.
And so, I didn't get anything accomplished.
But we ate well this morning as we feasted on tomatoes and cheese on toast, plastic strawberry ice cream, and an unidentified plastic mcdonald's toy.

From December

I don't think I posted these, but I thought they were beautiful.
From December 2011
S. Asia

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Why I Probably Should Not Be the One Who Teaches My Children Math...

Everyone who knows me right now is saying. "Amen!"

I've often said that if Jonathan ever delegated our taxes to me, we would all go to prison. Not because I'm dishonest, mind you, I'm just not good with numbers or logic.

Case in point.

Today, my four year old, Annie and I were playing school.

Me: Annie, if you have one apple and I give you one more, how many do you have?
Annie: two
Me: Great! And if Ada has a toy and you have two toys and you give them to her, how many does she have?
Annie: three
Me: Awesome! And if you have two flowers, and I have two flowers and we give them to Colleen, how many do we have?
Annie pauses for a moment, then answers: none
Me: Nope. We have four
Annie: But Mom, didn't we give them to Colleen?
I pause for a moment, then answer: yes. yes we did. So. yes. yes. We have none. How many does Colleen have?
Annie: four.