Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ada Baeda, 3 weeks old

And baby girl just outgrew her nb footy pjs.
Sniff Sniff.
Bittersweet, this baby thing.
Or maybe just sweet.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ada Baby 2 weeks old

last Wednesday...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

When BaBa Came...

Truth be told, I was more than a little nervous about having a baby far from home in a foreign country. Both Annie and Lils were born in Orlando. My mom was there to watch Annie's birth and she and our church family were so incredibly supportive and helpful. My mom would come over every day to clean, cook, straighten, do laundry and just help. What a gift! We have very precious friends here, in S. Asia, as well, but they are fewer and I was worried about the burden of our family falling on a few to help out. So it was an incredible comfort and blessing when one of our favorite people offered his frequent flier miles to fly one of our other favorite people, to come help us when I gave birth to #3.

Our BaBa.

BaBa is Jonathan's precious mamma.
We call her the traveling doula, and truly, there is not much she doesn't do.
We were all confident Ada would come early, so BaBa arrived a day or two before my due date to help. Of course Ada didn't come early. She came a week late. But BaBa came with a great attitude, and took a break from her day job, school headmistress, to jump into the rhythm of our home. She cooked meals, diminished the piles of laundry in no time, sang silly songs ("5 little monkeys sitting in a tree, laughing at the crocodile 'you can't catch me!'") and songs long-forgotten ("Only a boy named david..."), played imagination games, indulged, gave too much gum, remained firm and consistent, disciplined graciously, cleaned crayon off the walls...

babysat the girls so Jonathan and I could go on one last date (for awhile, at least)
read books ad nauseum,
made her grand girls fall in LOVE with her,
and even squeezed in workouts and showers.
She was truly inspiring.
And watching BaBa with a newborn is like watching someone do what they were made to do.
She is a baby whisperer.
Beautiful BaBa.
Sadly, I was not very good about snapping pictures (SB, where were you when I needed you!?) and these hardly do justice to all BaBa did and all she was to us during a crazy time of transition. She made a potentially stressful time absolutely wonderful and it was such a gift to know the girls were with their grandma who loves them and nurtures them so well.
Ada was born on Wednesday the 7th and BaBa left us on Saturday night to spend less than 24 hours in her home with her own husband and children, only to hop on a plane to the USA to be with her daughter who just had her first babe yesterday! She really is an amazing lady and she left me full of energy and inspiration to be a better mamma and wife and servant of Jesus.
We love you so much BaBa.
Thank you.

Catch Up Post

One last photo of the three Iverson girls pre-Ada
Annie and Lily sport the new outfits their Daddy got them on a recent trip.

Taking A Passport Photo For a Five Day Old=

Mind you,
1. Mouth Shut
2. Head straight
3. Both ears showing
(Q. What if you don't have ears? Or they are very small? Can you still leave the country?)
4. Eyes Open
5. White Background
6. Check.

7. Fly to city with our US Consulate at 7am with lots of paper work including our original marriage certificate, swear some oaths, back by dinner.

Great is His faithfulness!


Upcoming Challenge: A photo of all three at once
Any tips/tricks to help Baby Ada survive the experience?

Wahoo Wa

It's hard to see, but Ada is sporting her UVA onesie from Uncle Joel and Aunt Mary Stuart...
Lily wore it too.
1 week old

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ada Ellisif Iverson

We are proud to announce the birth of our third (you read that right, 3rd) daughter, Ada Ellisif Iverson. Here are the much anticipated pictures of her first few days of life.