Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gratitude #806

806. Rain all through the night two nights ago to cool things off, quiet the dogs and lull us in and out of sleep.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Month and a Half (Now Accounted For): Part I Orlando, Family, Jupiter, etc

Thursday May 19-Tuesday May 31, 2011

The beginning of a long flight home.
I think this might have been 2 am?
Not sure.
Trying not to remember all the details.
It's better that way.
My babes are always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for these long, cross-continental plan rides
A & L are mesmerized by the illuminated ancient statue...
I hope that's all that's mesmerizing them.
We flew through Qatar, which is a lovely airport, by the way, and then embarked on the 14 hour flight to Dulles. Qatar Air=AWESOME airline. Think Emerits, but cheaper. ANYWAY, we arrived in D.C. in the afternoon and our flight was delayed and delayed and delayed some more until finally, in the final hour, with our exhausted but amazing-trooper kiddos, we got on a plane to Orlando. That was a sweet homecoming. I kept thinking, "Jesus loves me!" The last time we flew into Dulles was during those wicked snow storms in Feb 2010 and we had to spend a night and there was no food or diapers and well...anyway, Jesus loved me then too. I just had a different sanctification opportunity, I guess.

When we got back to Granne and Gee-Daddy's house, we slept, a lot.
And Granne read lots of books with the girlies.
We spent lots of time with our beloved Oviedo cousins...

Noa with her red purse.
Remember that red purse. It will be important later.
Oh Ay-Saya, how we missed you.
We were in Orlando for about 5 days, J traveled on Sunday, and then we headed to...
Jupiter Island.
It speaks for itself.
It is paradise.
Thank you SO much Atlantans.
Beautiful mamma and precious Oliver.

So fun to eat yummy, home-cooked food! And salad! Oh salad, how I miss thee.

Annie's fast friend, Hugh D. We love their sweet family.
*btw, Kirsten, you got WAY better photos than I did of this vacation.
Would you send some my way?

Somewhere in the middle of Jupiter, we ran back to Orlando for a precious rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding with our dear friends the Hauks. We were so honored and blessed to participate in their special day. Jonathan gave one of the best homilies I've heard (if I do say so myself). Then it was back to Jupiter for more Wahoo fun in the sun.
Monday we headed back in O-town. We got to see old friends Tee and Catch. Annie and Catch basically have the same birthday.
Love those Cunninghams.
We left early Wednesday morning for a trip to VA and NC.
A & L play checkers at a Cracker Barrel on the trek up "north."
Next installment coming soon!
Part II: Virginia

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Linguistic Defiance

Lily: Go away, Annie
Annie: Mommy! Lily telled me to go away! It hurt my feelings
Me: Lily, please do not tell Annie to go away.
Annie: Mommy!
Me: Lily, those are not kind words. We do not use unkind words in our home. Please do not say "Go away," anymore. If you continue to say "Go away," there will be a consequence.
Lily (looking me straight in the eye): Not stay, Annie


Lately, "7" is the perfect number in our home. Annie is constantly heard saying, "Maybe when I'm seven I can...hold babies/drive/carry breakable plates/you fill in the blank." While we were doing family devotions and reading the story of the crucifixion, Jonathan was explaining the picture in our "Jesus Storybook Bible" of the "bad men who hurt Jesus," while he was walking up the hill to be crucified.

Annie: Daddy, I will throw stones at those bad men and kill them.
Jonathan: Annie, I don't like to hear or think of you throwing stones to kill anyone. Please don't talk about killing people.
A: (Looks perplexed and thinks for a moment) Maybe when I am seven I can throw stones and kill the bad men.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Another Bat Story

We arrived back in S. Asia around 1 AM on Thursday this past week. On Thursday night, I thought I would do a little tidying up on the porch. The plants were catywampus and a few things were strewn that should have been stacked. I walked out the door and bent over to pick up a bucket when I heard the intense flapping of wings and felt something warm and furry fly, full force into the side of my neck and then heard it fly away into the darkness. I SCREAMED (loudly, to be sure) and ran back inside and slammed the door and waited for my husband to come running to my side. Thanks to loud music in the back of the house, he did not come. So I went back to our room, clutching my neck, looking shocked. We looked at each other and I said, "A bat just flew into the side of my neck." After checking my neck for open wounds or fang marks, Jonathan told me to lie down, and I did, in the fetal position, for over half an hour, moaning, "I hate this country." I know. I know. There are bats in America. But I did not feel very welcome by this homecoming display of batty affection. Not cool, bats. Not cool.

Confession: Not. Ruined. Enough.

It's embarrassing, really. I thought we would return to the states and I would be crying in the peanut butter aisle, overwhelmed by all the plenty in the wake of the wanting I've seen during our 6 months in Asia. Instead I was practically prancing through the produce section throwing things that are definitely not in season but so beloved and so missed into my cart: GRAPES! Cherries! Berries! Fresh lettuces! Watermelon WITHOUT seeds!? What is this glory? We went to clean parks and frolicked on pristine beaches and swam in my parents' pool in the backyard. Every time it rained, Annie asked, "Is the pool going to turn green now?" (because that's what our pool does at the apartment in s. asia) And I could say, "No. We can play in it again after the rain."

Our time was busy, to be sure. We hardly stopped for air, but we were so blessed, just nothing but blessed to see the many friends and family members we were able to see. There were so many we missed seeing, too, and my throat aches when I think it may be 3 1/2 years (or more) until we see them again.

Even in the midst of the business, there was a comfort about just being in a place so familiar, with so many luxuries to make life easier: clean ice in the ice machine, clean water from the tap, a grocery store in every direction with all of our favorite foods, good Mexican restaurants and sushi and so many friends to talk to and laugh with and cry with and a car to drive and...but enough. The point is, I was far too quick, too eager, too thrilled to move back into the comfortable life I left last year.

And so I realize, I am not nearly ruined enough. Sorry for the melodrama. Hopefully God will continue to change me and break my heart for this world and ruin me for it. Until then, keep with me through this process and pray for me. I could use it as I return to S. Asia, not nearly grateful enough for the gift of living life cross-culturally in this incredible place.