Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gratitude (Humble and Long-Overdue) #655-700

655. A book from an old friend, reminding me to be thankful here and now
656. I am alive
657. I have a healthy, growing baby in my womb with a heartbeat of 157 bpm
658. And I got to hear those heartbeats on Friday
659. Sometimes, at night, the long breezes through the trees sound like rain
660. Last night, while we were skyping with Mary Stuart, Joel and Oliver, a bat flew into our window and lay stunned on the ground just long enough for me to see what a bat really looks like! It was gross. But cool.
661. 12 weeks: 3 days, and the nausea is a little better this week, I think.
662. I am at my absolute worst living here. In every way. I am short-tempered, angry, harsh, lacking compassion.
663. Seeing these things make me feel desperate to change.
664. Wanting to change and not being able to do it on my own makes me realize how much I need Jesus.
665. It makes me desperate for Jesus to change me.
666. Desperate for Jesus is a good place to be, after all.
667. Sometimes I hate it here.
668. That also makes me desperate for Jesus.
669. I am learning to see beauty where I didn't think it existed
670. My children keep forgiving me.
671. So does my husband.
672. The plants here are beautiful
673. Especially the bougainvillea
674. I just spelled bougainvillea right for the first time without spell-check.
675. Gerard Manly Hopkins
676. A Big palm tree outside my window
677. Natural light all through the house
678. A little playground and a pool for our enjoyment at this apartment complex!
679. The city skyline
680. Sunday afternoons with no chores or laundry to be done until tomorrow.
681. Birds chirping (I KNOW that sounds cheesy, but it is oddly comforting right now).
682. dark chocolate
683. Dreams of treats to come next week with Elisabeth
684. Sisters and Mother thoughtful enough to send things
685. A new necklace from a friend that brightens my days
686. Ballerina tutus and ballet slippers for the girls!
687. Little girls who love each other and play together
688. A date night on Friday night
689. On a motorcycle
690. And we survived
691. Colleen Auntie who babysat the girls
692. The girls, who never cried because they love Colleen so much.
693. That I'm getting to see so much more of my sin here
694. That God does not show me all my sin at once (I think I would die.)
695. ceiling fans
696. journeys planned for the future
697. S. Asian railway
698. I'm learning new words!
699. Yesu podhume (Jesus is enough for me)
700. There is hope I will become a thankful person.

Friday, February 18, 2011


He took them swimming in our community pool a few days ago.
It's a bit warmer than it was three weeks ago, the last time they went.
He held onto Lily's bathing suit from the back and she kicked and paddled like a champ!
And Annie hasn't forgotten!
She swam half the width of the pool all by herself.
My little fishies.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

It started with hugs on a Valentine's morning

He made heart-shaped pancakes.
From scratch.
With no heart mold.
I am impressed.
Half of my heart.
She LOVED them.

Love this life. Love this man. Love those eyes.

Spent the rest of the day as a family, Chinese food for dinner, and a movie.
My favorite kind of date.
Best kind of day.

John 3:16

John three sixteen from Iverson International on Vimeo.

Dances With Lilies

Dances with Lilies from Iverson International on Vimeo.

Our family devotions ritual, for your pleasure.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Birthday Parties!

This was birthday party #1 on Friday night for Druhv.
He turned two.
The Iverson girls attempted coordinating our outfits.
Be impressed.

And this is birthday party #2.
Saturday afternoon
Sorry for the lack of photos for prior birthday. I'm a newbie at S. Asian birthday parties.
Annie had her arm painted--she was a little nervous and asked me to hold her hand the whole time.
Finished Product
This is Sidra's mommy, Asmaa
Birthday girl!
Raffa and Annie
The whole group!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

She So Fly

She got her backpack (baaa-paaa) on and put on those shades all by her little ole self. Then buckled the baby in the stroller (don't look too's precarious) and headed for the door.

Note: The back pack.

Cool Little Chick.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Girls' Room

I know this may be a bit presumptuous, to think the whole wide world wants to see photos of the girls' bedroom, but this is the most finished room in the house, and the cutest, too. I thought y'all might enjoy seeing where the girls spend much of their day, playing, sleeping, enduring time-out... :)

I brought a number of things from home to make this room familiar to the girls, but there is definitely some south asian flair, as you'll see. And thanks to the generous gift of an old friend in Japan, who has a long history of giving incredibly generous gifts, this room is adorable and fun and a great place for the girlies to feel safe and joyful.

View #1
1. A view from the doorway. The curtains, blankets, etc are from S. Asia. The strollers in the foreground are gifts from Granne. She sent them along with Joel and MS for Christmas. It was a highlight, to be sure. The easel was a gift from Mommy and Daddy...the only gift, actually. But it's educational!
You might notice, we splurged a little and installed an a/c in their bedroom. Two reasons for that: 1. in the summer, it is really really hot here. I don't mind being hot, but I do mind being woken up by children who are hot. 2. White noise factor of the a/c drowns out the 50 or so dogs that live on a dirt pile in the slum next door to our apartment. Apparently, dogs in S. Asia are nocturnal. And at night, someone puts them all in a blender and doesn't turn it off until morning. And they all survive. But they bark they're in a blender. It's awful. And the noise is worst outside the girls' window. ANYWAY.

View #2
Right Wall
Lily slept in this wonderful little pack-n-play type thing for the first two months we were here. But the sides zip and unzip and Annie started to release her, so just last week, we bought a crib for her at the "End of Jan" sales they have here. Great price. Great, sturdy, unescapable crib.
Mary Stuart brought us that adorable parasol from the states.
View #3
Tapestry Close-up
Mobile: Ikea
Peacock Tapestry: S. Asia
I love it.
View #4
Right wall cont'd.
Needlepoint Pillows: Jonathan's great grandmother
Big Reading Pillow for our reading corner: S. Asia (note the upside down elephants, perhaps I'll turn that pillow around one day...)
View #5
Front Wall=built in closets
All the closets here are built-ins. It is WONDERFUL
I designated one of the closets just for toys and books, most of which I brought from the states. Giant Cupcake, courtesy MS and Joel.
View #6
Left Wall
This was a highlight upon our arrival. Annie's cousin Daniel Josiah has bunk beds and she is obsessed with them. I think we bought these from the only store that carries the wooden framed bunk beds here. It was a little shop in a row of furniture shops and Jonathan haggled hard for them. Annie LOVES them and tells everyone that she'll sleep on the top bunk when she is five. I've stowed the ladder on the top until then. Lily is a daredevil and not to be trusted.
There you have it!