Monday, August 30, 2010

She said:

"You're a mean mommy." And she said it with conviction. With the innocent, honest, truth-filled conviction that only a two-year-old can muster, and she delivered the blow with such a winsome air that her mommy, her mean, mean mommy, could only sit in shame for the next 60 minutes of the car ride, contemplating the possibility that it might be true.

No. Not me! I'm not a mean mommy! Doesn't she know how I slave? Doesn't she know all that I do for her? I sweat and I cry and I pray and I work, all for her! Doesn't she know!?

And then I fold. We both know. I know and she knows. I am a mean mommy. I fail her every day. I failed her the entire car ride from Orlando to Carey. I failed her preparing for the car ride. I pushed her aside all day Friday in the kitchen so I could make lots of "healthy snacks" for the car ride. I'm so noble, I even let her help. But when little hands made annoying mistakes, a shrill mommy voice chided and chastised her. And Saturday. Oh Saturday. A 10+ hour car ride from Orlando to Carey was filled with shhhing and "please be quiet" and "no I won't read you that book right now because I'll get car sick" and "if you had done what I asked you wouldn't have gotten hurt" and "I can't believe you did that!?"

Why? When does the Father ever say that to this little girl? This little girl whose awkward, clumsy paws make mistakes every moment and often fail to obey. This little girl who sins the same sins every day. Does He ever say: "I can't believe you did that." What would I do if He said that to me? If he made me feel that way? I would be devastated. But I use my power to punish her and shame her so that she will obey. So that she will learn her lesson.

So when she said, after an exasperating day in the car with no naps and unkind words voiced in unkind tones, "you're a mean mommy," I knew it was true. And I knew it would take more than a lollipop to make it up to her. Kids know, you know? They know when you're trying to work them. And they know when you're sinning against them. And mine expose me all the time. More than I care to admit. So Saturday was a wake up call. And a broken heart. And some repentance, to both the God of the universe and my two year old. And heart felt prayer. And grace. And a couple of miracles. And changes in even this shell of a heart and this hardened sinner.

And Monday--Monday of all days--Monday, August 30, she hopped on the couch before bed and announced, "I want to sit by mommy. Mommy, you my best friend."

Praise Him.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How We Wear Our Mei Tai

For Mary Stuart and Baby Oli-fer

Step 1. Tie short straps around your waist.
Newborn Wrap/Front Carry--tie knot in the center of your back, just above hips

Side view
Step 2.
Newborn carry--hold baby in "froggy" position (legs tucked up), chest to chest
Front carry--hold child facing you with legs wrapped around your waist.

Step 3.
Newborn Carry--Pull body of the sling up over the baby with his legs still tucked up underneath or to his sides. Be sure his head is to either side and not buried in your chest (so he can breath). Keep one hand on baby at all times. Pull each strap over coinciding shoulder.
Front carry--same, but keep legs out of the body of the sling (as shown by Obama, below)
Step 4.
Newborn Carry/Front Carry--Cross the straps in the back
Step 5.
Newborn Carry/Front Carry--bring the straps back around to the front.
Step 6.
Newborn Carry--Tie the straps around the middle of the carrier (as shown) and in a knot in the middle of the body of the carrier. This will prevent baby Oli-fer or whatever baby you have in the sling, from falling out the sides (since, as a newborn, he is in froggy position)
Front Carry--Pull straps under baby's legs and tie the knot/bow under baby's bum. (not shown)
Back view
Note: Do not try this at home. Sling not meant to hold two creatures at once. Furthermore, sling not recommended for use with panda bears.

*Back Carry photos to follow...maybe.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Anne W., who asked...

...and any other dear, sweet people who care.
my new short, short hair.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gratitude #536-565

536. My mom, born yesterday several years ago
537. A/C in Orlando in August
538. Frank's sermon on Sunday (link to follow...)
539. goldfish and lollipops
540. a potty-trained (I'm scared I'll jinx it!) 2 year old!
541. Sitting in a crazy coffee shop, with a friend last night. Good conversation, no tab...
542. Stardust
543. moonlight
544. God's grace
545. After 2 years
546. Summer thunder storms
547. Beach days
548. sunscreen
549. sunscreen face stick--looks like a glue stick, people, but it works for the kiddos!
550. Aloe plant extract, for the missed spots on sunburnt mommies
551. J's passion for surfing
552. Lily's zest for wave-diving
553. God kept Lily alive while she was wave diving
554. Girls who love the beach
555. Girls who fall asleep in the car on the way home
556. I'll say it again: A Praying Life
557. My new short short hair
558. The slow pace of summer
559. clean water from the tap
560. ebay and maybe a little extra income...
561. creative outlets
562. the holy spirit
563. my cell phone
564. that my friends forgive me for being a terrible, I mean really really TERRIBLE text message sender...
565. people who put lotion on my feet. Is that gross? I don't care. I'm really really grateful.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

71% !!! Join us in praying for 85% by the end of August.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going Dark...

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow-Wanderers,

For reasons on which I will not elaborate, we are going to make our little blog-a-roo a private blog-a-roo. If you would like to continue reading about theiversons, please comment and let me know. Leave your name and email address in the comments section and I will keep those private. And please, if I don't know you, just tell me how you found the blog and why you like it. :)

Love, Love, Love,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 09, 2010

She reads.

Mr. Brown can Moo.
Can you?

Gratitude #511-534

511. A season of life in which I have time to read
512. early morning quiet
513. The book of Hebrews
514. After a year, we are at about 61% of our support raised.
515. God is teaching us patience
516. Supporters who come in the most "unlikely" friends and faces, so that He can remind me that it's not about us.
517. Pretty stationary
518. People graciously love my children
519. My girls are so different.
520. Home for us, is us.
521. Family devotions
522. "The Lord is my [gracious, gentle, strong, protecting] shepherd"
523. a little blond two year old's bed head
524. My children are providing opportunities for me to learn self control,
525. selflessness,
526. sharing,
527. unselfishness,
528. graciousness,
529. discipline,
530. kindness,
531. diligence,
532. humility,
533. servant-heartedness,
534. and that's only the beginning...

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sasha Gets a Bath

Although you can't tell from the photo, it rained here about 13 1/2 minutes ago. If you have ever lived in Florida, you know it's true...none of those grey skies that linger all day long. Nope. Our thunder storms sweep through fast like pigs on a slip-n-slide coated in canola oil--they're in and out like lightening (pardon the pun).
We let Sasha out in the backyard and she arrived at the back door covered in mud... so of course she needed a bath! And of course, Daddy drew the short straw and got to/had to give it to her. Thanks Daddy! It was a full 15 minutes of entertainment for the girls. They remained riveted to the sliding glass door narrating the whole event for me. Well, Annie narrated. Lily just barked.


This is Annie's second favorite baby doll, McCain.
(Her favorite doll, as some of you know, is baby Obama.)
No. I did not name her dolls.

After putting the kids down for their naps one afternoon--I was out of the room for maybe 15 minutes--I came downstairs to find this grotesque massacre before me on the family room floor.
Can you find the little baby finger?

and this guilty looking creature prone and penitent looking on the floor nearby.
It nearly broke our hearts to tell the little girl about her dear dolly's brush with brutality.
Annie took one look at McCain's arm and looked into my eyes with horror and said in a voice filled with what can only be called true, child-like grief cried, "McCain's arm is gone!!"
Jonathan spent the next 45 minutes explaining to Annie that you can still have a wonderful life with only one arm.
She was still sad.
And skeptical.
Oh my heart...this is only the beginning.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Annie's Photo Shoot

Photos: A. O. Iverson
Titles: M. A. Iverson

1. floor plan

2. little corner of the world
3. from down here
4. no time to sit

5. geometry in motion

6. it's always a little messier on the edge

7. out of focus
8. artistic endeavor

A Date with Our Two Closest Cousins...

...closest in age, that is!

Jonathan and I were blessed (and I mean BLESSED) this past Saturday to have over two of our cousins
"Baby G" and "Mar"
for a little play date while their mommy and daddy had a date of their own at a friend's wedding! It was so much fun, especially because Martha is only three months younger than Annie and Glo is only 3 months n' change younger than Lils! The girls played together beautifully. I have to be honest...I was nervous to have four children 2 and under for the day, but (with Jonathan's ever-present help) it was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be.

I did try to manage a photo shoot during which Martha decided she did NOT want to participate and Lily and Glo decided to become uber-mobile and refused to sit still. Annie tried to coral the girls, but to no avail.
You'll see...
Enjoy the day in photos...

(Note: Martha not diggin the photo shoot...)