Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gratitude # 401-420

401. Lily (one year old this past Sunday!)
402. a beautiful beach house, all to our little family of four for less than 24 hours
403. Tide and sand and shoreline therapy in the afternoon
404. sweet rest
405. The bright hot sun
406. Finding new ways to enjoy God's word, even when the "quiet" and the "time" aren't there...
407. Callie, who doesn't try to bite my kids anymore (Callie is my parents dog)
408. Two friends who helped me for 3 hours last night to get our garage sale ready for the weekend
409. Even when my a/c shut off for awhile
410. And then paid me for stuff that they wanted even though they really should have just taken it for free.
411. And who hugged me while I sobbed over the sudden reality that this chapter of our lives is really ending
412. New chapters
413. A future so bright "I've gotta wear shades..."
414. $5.00 sunglasses
415. The swimming pool in mom's back yard
416. a little camera to take pictures with
417. The Nolls are coming home this week!
418. Watermelon on sale
419. Babies that sing
420. and dance

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Baby Turns One

My baby turned one this past Sunday
(This photo is a few months old, but I couldn't find any others of just the two of us...)

We celebrated her birthday at Granne & Gee-Daddy's house where
we swam in their pool,

decorated and ate some delicious cupcakes.

Just look at the lovely cake I made.
Isn't it lovely?
Can you tell it says "Lily"?
Not, "Happy Birthday Lily!" because that would be too hard.
Just "Lily"

Here is Lily, post-dinner, awaiting her cupcake dessert

And here she examines her cupcake-covered hand.

Back to eating that delicious delicacy...

Annie Pie enjoyed a cupcake too.
"It have m&ms on it!"

Girls in pjs
You can tell by the broad daylight that it is clearly 7:30 pm in this photo.

They really do love each other so sweetly.

Lilsabelle, you are such a delightful addition to our little family. I cannot even imagine life without you. You are sweet and fearless. You love to cuddle. You love your mama, but your first word was "DaDa." You love to figure things out and you're very cool. You toddle like like a t-rex, and you have 6 precious little teeth--four on top, two on the bottom.
You eat like a horse (breakfast=2 bananas, 1 bowl of oatmeal, plus!) and you growl like a bear.
But you're not a bear.

You are my beautiful, precious, unique, delightful, lovely, little red-headed Lils-a-belle, and we love you more than words can say.
Happy Birthday

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Marrying this man is the best thing I've ever done.

And having his children is second best.
Maybe first best.
Can't decide.
I love to see what comes out of a man when he has children.
What comes out was always there, mind you, but like anything that occurs in time and space, it requires certain variable circumstances to be seen and experienced.
And for us, (ie. Jonathan and me) that is our children.

And watching them with him?
Oh there is no greater magic.

I think God bestows daughters on the men he really loves and loves to bless
(no offense you father's of sons...)
but then, what do I know?
I have no sons.
this is all I know,
and I know it's better than anything else I've ever done.
and I really don't even "do" anything, anyway.
At least not to deserve the first row, first class seat before this amazing unfolding called Fatherhood.
It is all grace.
Grace that gives me even a glimpse into the gracious heart of my own father, through my own flawed, fleshly, precious, perfect-for-me husband...
so I guess we'll stick with that for now.

Happy (belated)* Father's Day Jonathan

*because really, we're on a roll here! Why mess with a good thing?

Southeastern Tour 2010

It started off, like everything does, with a beginning...

and a strange hat,

and a swimming pool in North Carolina,

and a float shaped like a dog.

He's handsome, don't you think?

His grandfather, her great-grandfather, another handsome fellow wearing another strange hat...

This is Jonathan's dad, Annie's Gi-Gi (Ojisan)
we are hiking to waterfall

Annie with her cousins and uncles
(arguably the best uncles in the WORLD)

Annie surviving the waterfall because of dear family who held her hands.
Thanks family.
Way to be there when it counted.
You're really big, and there are a lot of you, but it's nice to see "no child is left behind."

Really pretty pregnant lady
and sweet "Kady-Gace"

Our dear Uncle Erik
not to be confused with Uncle Eric.

Livin' it up in a roadmaster

Back porch in the mountains

maybe my favorite place in the world...

and maybe my second favorite place in the world,

the quiet, faithful servant who fed Lily peaches while the rest of us played and Lily just kept growling for more...restless Lily.
Thank you Ba-Ba.
The pictures do no justice to how much you actually did for us on this trip.
We love you.

What a wonder is the river

What beauty do we behold there?

Annie stuck her head in the water.
Thus, she has a towel on her head.

Blowing Rock Park
Ba-Ba and Lils



Annie climbs the climbing wall...
Daddy would be proud!

Eent Heenah,
Charmer of all children

If Aunt Hannah fails,
another charmer of all children

Beautiful Trinity

Lily the Ballerina

Annie Lounging

Beautiful Hannah
who taught KG how to say, "Please," that week

Part of our S. Asia team on a hike to the waterfall...
this was at our training conference during what seemed like our one hour of free time.
(not complaining...LOVED every minute of this conference!)

Marriage renewed at the end of a week without our babes,
thanks to BaBa, GiGi, Aunt Hannah, Uncle Micah, Uncle Seth, and G-ma and G-pa Chase

Reunited and it feels so good!

Ana and Jon's rehearsal dinner at the farm, where we saw our babes for the first time all week!

Three of my favorite things...

March 2008-December 2007-August 2007
do you think they might be good friends for the rest of their lives?
I hope so...

Brother and Sister,
bridal party

Beautiful Carly

Uncle Joel & Annie
we can't wait to meet Joel Jr. in a less than a month!!!

Glo and Lils,
pose with their personal assistants and pacis
Lily eats the tent rope.
I try to stop her.

Bride & Groom

The view behind grandma's house
Annie LOVED this pool!

Full Cousin Photo Shoot

My Lilsy
(She turns one tomorrow!)

Visiting Eent Mafa on our way home.
We yof you Eent Mafa

Richmond Skyline

Skyline Par Deux

With his little sister and his littlest daughter