Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gratitude #1-10

holy experience

1. A husband who loves 2 girls
2. A big, plastic ladybug that holds all the bath toys on the shower wall
3. An old quilt, 20 years young, that now covers my little Annie at night
4. A thankful heart
5. No snow, 55 degrees, bright blue, sunny skies
6. A two year old who dances almost every time she hears music. This morning's playlist: Hillsong
7. A baby who is no longer running a fever
8. Five plants that didn't die in the freeze a few months ago are now returning to life with leaves.
9. A sweet friend who sends me books (I am already devouring) and a journal in the mail...I received them at dusk last evening. What a sweet way to spend a quiet Friday night.
10. my life, just as God planned it, right now.

Monday, February 15, 2010

So They Say...

Jonathan: What's your name?
Annie: Annie Eye-Feh-Son!
Jonathan: What's my name?
Annie: Daddy Honey!
Jonathan (pointing to me): What's her name?
Annie: Mommy Mickey Mouse (no idea.)
Jonathan (pointing to Lily): What's her name?
Annie: Baby E Eye-Feh-Son!

One, big, happy family.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Eeent Heeenah

This is our beloved Aunt Hannah.
a.k.a. "Eeeeent Heeenah"
That's how Annie Pie says it.
Isn't she striking?

At Matt and Carly's suggestion, we decided to bring her with us to Belgium for out month of training to watch our babies while we were in meetings. We figured it might make the transition a bit easier for them. It has been wonderful to know that even if we have to leave our kids for eight hours, they will be with someone who loves them. Even if they cry and whine and say, "No Eeent, Heenah, not hug Annie," Aunt Hannah will still love our little punk. Even if our seven month old throws up repeatedly on her, Aunt Hannah will love Lily. Even if our two year old bites her, Aunt Hannah will patiently love Annie.
It's been cold here. Most days we just hunker down and stay in doors. It's hard to entertain a two year old and a 7 month old indoors for days at a time without their mommy and daddy. But somehow, between pony tails and Dora episodes, "Sound of Music" singalongs and i-chatting with Baba, Gigi or MarNoa, Aunt Hannah makes it work. Every now and then she gets the kids out to the park down the street when there's a break in the weather.

She has also taken more pictures of my children than I have in the last month. And she's taken better photos of them than I have during the course of their lives. How does that work? She has figured out how to get Annie's hair into pigtails (photos to come). She has kept bad behavior at bay using only a time out chair. She has dressed the girls in coordinating outfits almost every day here in Belgium. She finds time to brush her own teeth and look cute and put together. She has my children adoring her, talking about her, missing her and asking her to kiss them goodnight. She woos and manages them with the skills of a mother to multiple children, rather than that of a recent high school graduate.
Basically, she's amazing.
And we love her.
Thank you Aunt Hannah, for your patient service to our family.
We LOVE you!!