Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Month in the Life

To say the the past month of our lives has been hard would be an understatement. And yet, to say that it has been hard would be an overstatement too. To say it has been anything less than wonderful and filled with blessings would be a lie. But I wax melodramatic and so I'll stop. Here's the run-down, pictures to follow:

Friday September 18: Leave for Atl! Stay with Joel and MS, see a sweet concert in their yard. Annie enjoys matching outfits with Uncle Joel (Go Wahoo's!) This is the one stop we make where we don't all share a room. Praise the LORD.
Saturday Sept 19: Buy a sweet double jogging stroller on craigslist. Merry early Christmas to the Iversons, Love, The McDougalls
Sunday Sept 20: Worship at Atl Westside and hear Walter preach about sex. seriously.
Monday Sept 21-
Friday Sept 25:
I&O. We also got to hang out a lot with our sweet friends who will be joining us in S. Asia, who we'll share bread with, life with, tears with, laughter with, but again...waxing...stopping.
Sidenote: Annie HATED I&O and cried most of the day at the top of her lungs (for five days, from 9-6.) It was painful. Lesson number one in being a third culture kid. Learn to be flexible. That doesn't mean, though, that it didn't break mommy's heart. I'll remember it until I die and I will always feel guilty. Also, we all shared a hotel room. All four of us. All of us. One room. It was hard.
Friday Sept 25-: Drive from Atl to Boone, NC--ended up being about a 7 hour trip in rain and fog with screaming children. We arrived late Friday night to share a bedroom at the mountain house. We shared the mountain house with 6 more Iverson siblings, five spouses, and seven (soon to be eight) grandchildren.
Sunday Sept 27: Iverson family departs, thus we no longer share a room.
Monday Sept 28: Jonathan takes our car back to Atl for a meeting.
Tuesday Sept 29: Joanthan returns late Tuesday night.
Wednesday Sept 30: We have a family day
Thursday Oct 1: We drive to VA. One of the most gorgeous scenic drives I've ever enjoyed in America. It was a beautiful, clear fall day and a beautiful drive through the country
Leave children (including a fearful, clingly, stressed-out Annie with Jonathan's grandparents who are also babysitting Annie and Lily's cousins, more or less the same ages give or take a few months. Annie hates it. Lily screams almost the whole time. Jonathan and I get to enjoy the U2 concert at UVA. sweet. And we're all back in the same bedroom.
-Tuesday Oct 6: After lots of perfect weather, sweet time with friends (Alison, Larry, Matt, etc) and family (Grandma, Grandpa, Matt & Carly, Liam and Hudson, Joel, MS, Uncle Mark, Aunt Martha and Uncle Ian and Ji-Ji!!) we leave VA for NC.
Tuesday night: Spend the night Charlotte with the Waters. See Pryor! Get the scoop on Jamie! leave the next morning for Savannah
Wednesday Oct 7: Stop in Hilton Head to see the Worthingtons (love the Worthingtons)
Eat dinner Tuesday night with the Johnsons and a couple in their church, the wife is from S. Asia (she hates it) and she and her husband just visited this summer (he hates it too, now).
Thursday Oct 8: Finally return home


Thursday and Friday Oct 8 & 9:
Saturday and Sunday Oct 10 & 11:
Semi-normal life
Monday October 12:
Sara Beth gives birth to BABY GLO[ria]!!, but Baby Martha was sick and I held her all morning so Tuesday night I got sick and lay on the couch for three days while Jonathan took care of our children and me. I bet that was fun for him.
Saturday October 17: Finally feel like a human again. Do laundry, change sheets, eat meals, hold my children, post a blog about that past month of insanity!

So that brings us up to date. Thanks for reading, and if you didn't, well, then, I'm not writing to you. I just want my children to be able to look back and know what happened to the missing month of their lives. As I said, pictures will follow. Until then, so long and goodnight.