Thursday, July 09, 2009

Some More Family Photos

Our Official Family of Four

Wearing our slings the day after Lily was born!


Annie holds baby Lily the day she comes home

How We Pass Those Hot FL Summer Days...

Daddy teaches daughter how to surf--check out her form.

A Family Date to Black Hammock, our favorite biker bar, nestled on gator-friendly
Lake Jessup

Perfecting our "Stand on Hands" techniques in the cool of the house

And of course, hunting lizards
(Don't worry...we let this one go!)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

We Welcome With Joy!

Lillian Emeth Iverson
Born June 27, 2009
5:21 AM
9lbs 8.5 oz

photos courtesy of Jen Cunningham--07.04.09

Welcome to the world, baby girl. Already your parents love you so dearly and your older sister is learning to love you. We could not be more excited about our second daughter. Daddy knew you were a girl all along, and I thought you were most certainly a boy--I could not have had two more different pregnancies. We are thankful that God chose to give you to us, and we pray that you would never know a day that you don't know Him deeply and intimately. Soli deo gloria.