Friday, June 26, 2009

Pretty Face!

Have you seen it yet?
This is Annie's signature "Pretty Face."

Only Uncle Mark rivals her in beauty or glory

...but Annie is still the master of the pretty face

Some Good Friends

These are random, and there are so many other friends we made at seminary who we'll miss, but here are a couple more shots from graduation of our dear friends
The Hendleys
Andrew & Meredith due in August with Lilah Tove!
And the Middlebrooks
Chad, Jessica & (not pictured their kiddos, Asa & Ellie)
Jess is due in August too!
There are obviously MANY other friends with whom we missed photo opportunities, and some who will graduate in December or next Spring, but just wanted to post a few more from the night

I promised I would...

Dear Martha, Ian and Mark,
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post on our blog about your trip to visit us in honor of Jonathan's graduation. Since promising a spot on our blogspot was practically the ONLY way I could entice you people to visit the sunshine state (I'm sorry it rained the whole time you were here, Robinsons), it is only appropriate that I follow through. And yet, somehow, over a month has passed and I have yet to write about the highlights, including your kind visit. Please forgive me, and know that you're in good company, as the last month of Annie's life, Jonathan's graduation, the final month of my pregnancy, and more have been left off this dear little blog along with you three. I can only effort to ammend my ways and write about you now. So, here goes:
We were beyond blessed to be able to celebrate Jonathan David Iverson's graduation from RTS along with a few members of his dear family (and of course, mine, because they live here...). Martha and Ian Robinson and Mark Iverson all made it down for the festivities! Thanks you guys! We were able to attend a banquet honoring the MDiv graduates, as well as the graduation on Friday night. These three also joined us for a little trip out to DeLeon Springs for a true taste of Old Florida and some yummy pancakes. These dear, flexible family members endured my mood swings and eighth month of pregnancy, Annie's antics and all of our family quirks. We shared our little house quite well, I think, but then, Jonathan's family is always really good at sharing, and Ian is really good at sharing, too. I'll post some pics of our time with our dear family, as well as graduation. Thanks for your patience! More posts to come!