Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fondue for Two...Maybe it is Always Valentine's Day in the Iverson Home

"If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were loved by wife, then thee.
If ever wife was happy in a man,
Compare with me, ye women, if ye can"
--Anne Bradstreet

Our Candlelit Table for Two

Complete with the Tulips He Brought me Two Nights Before...

My Love, The Chef

Masterpiece #1

Masterpiece #2
The One Who Loves Him so...

The Zoot!

the weird billy goat
Granne & Annie in the Butterfly Garden!

Annie the Elephant

Annie As the Elephant

An Alligator...or crocodile
Wednesday morning, Jonathan taught Annie a new question and response.
Q. "Where are you going today, Annie!?"
A. "The Zoot!"
While daddy was hard at work out at RTS, Granne took Annie and mommy to the zoo (which will hereafter be termed, "zoot," in memory of sweet Annie's verbal faux pas). We saw alligators, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, birds of all shapes and sizes, many monkeys, some legitimate billy goats that look like something out of a fairy tale, serpents, kangaroos, turtles, emus, a butterfly garden and more! For those of you faithful readers, you'll remember we made a similar trip to the zoo when Annie was six months with a group of her friends. This time it was a smaller crowd boasting three generations (Granne, Mommy and Annie) and the morning was quiet and cool. We had a wonderful time wandering through the zoot for a few hours and we are so thankful that we live near Annie's Granne for this short season of life. She is such a gift and is so generous and gracious to us. Thank you so much, Granne, for spoiling us with a trip to the zoot! We love you!!

15 months and Rising

Yesterday was Annie Pie Squiff's 15 month birthday. How I love being a parent, being Annie's parent, so much more than I ever dreamed I would. We had our first major discipline session, complete with tears, repetition and repentence last weekend. It was miserable for me, miserable for Annie and yet, I already see the work that is happening in her little heart. I love watching her heart soften to truth and loving correction. No details necessary, just know that she was disciplined with love, patience and gentleness as we taught her how to come when called. Since that day, she has not failed to come when I call her. It is amazing. We are working on whining, now, and eager to see the day when that too will be a thing of the past. Granted, while I know all of these lessons will be learned over and over again, I believe that this was the Lord's gracious way of encouraging me that His ways are the best ways and that loving discipline DOES WORK! Praise Him.
In her I see myself.

In addition to teachability, Annie is working on putting on her own shoes, taking off her own diaper (sigh), saying "moo," "neigh," "Baaaa," "Meeeehhhh" (goat), "Ooo Ooo" (Monkey), "Hoo Hoo (Owl), "AANNNH" with arms raised (elephant), "Grrrr" with arms raised (bear), pig sound, "Mo" (motorcycle), "mo" (more), and so many more words and sounds and signs.
We love to see what she'll do next!

My Little Botanist...

...I love (more than you know, I LOVE!) that she picked up my empty watering can one morning and proceeded to "water" all the plants on our porch in a most tender and careful way. Sometimes I catch her examining blades of grass, bent low and looking hard at the individual green shoot coming up out of the ground. She is a precious little one of God--can't wait to see what you'll grow up to be my little squiff!

Valentine's Day--2009

Perhaps I failed to blog about our romantic Valentine's Day celebration because, as Jonathan says, "Every day is Valentine's Day in our house," and the event just passed me by unnoticed, as do most blissful days filled with love in the Iverson household. Or maybe (and more likely) it is because Jonathan scheduled the High School Youth retreat for Valentine's weekend and we were away in Brooksville, FL for three nights and four days. Seriously, it was the middle of nowhere. As in 30 minutes from the nearest Wal-Mart nowhere. As in God-only-knows-how-far the nearest Starbucks was. Y'all, there was a cow that practically lived in the middle of the entrance road to the camp where we stayed. Nonetheless, we pressed on. I will be honest, it was not the most stellar of weekends for us. Annie was sick; I had a cold; we spent the night in the girl's cabin (note singular, "night," because the next day after our first night there we high-tailed it back to civilization) and Annie cried on-and-off and ended up sleeping in my sleeping bag in a bunk bed with me--just try to imagine; I saw my beloved maybe 30 minutes out of the trip; and overall, joining my honey on the youth retreat was not our best idea. But the kids were cool, Annie had a blast, and it was a learning experience that I am happy to say left us more in love in its wake. That's what Valentine's Day should be all about anyway. Here are some pictures from our time: