Thursday, February 12, 2009

Noses and Roses and Every Lovely Thing

Do you have a nose? If you do, Annie can find it. "No! No!" She says and points wildly at your face, or a photograph's face, or an animal's face. But she's not being defiant. Rather, she's showing you she knows where your nose is. She can also find your/her/someone's hair, ear, eye (careful, this one is dangerous), mouth, teeth and pig. (That last one is unrelated, but recently learned, nonetheless.) Here, she demonstrates her knowledge of anatomy with BaBa's nose.

A Dolly From BaBa

It was long past due, I'll be honest. I neglected my child in not realizing her need, her primal longing for a real-looking baby doll. We have dolls, to be sure. But their cloth faces and red-stitched lips just didn't do the trick for this maternal little creature. "BeeBee!" she would cry from the moment she waddled into the church nursery. And every time we had to leave the nursery, thus leaving behind one of the baby dolls she had tucked beneath her wing, there was wailing and literal gnashing of teeth. Finally, I told Granne and BaBa about the deep longings of Annie's heart, and they conspired to buy her a real-live, Target Baby Doll! She is black, with brown eyes and no hair. She "cries" and sucks on a bottle and sleeps. She has a soft body and a plastic face and plastic arms and legs. She is the coolest. She is not yet named--we are accepting suggestions.
Here Annie receives her new baby doll from BaBa...she's not quite sure what to do with it.

Annie sucking on the "Beee's" Bottle

BaBa shows Annie, "No No...the BABY drinks the Bottle..."

Finally, in kick those maternal instincts

Annie has yet to put down her new Baby...hope she likes the real thing as much as she likes the Target brand.

When BaBa & GiGi came to town!

Poor BaBa and Gigi. The night they flew into Florida was freezing cold; literally, we had a hard freeze! Nonetheless, they made the best of their trip and it was all to sweet Annie's delight! She had all four grandparent's in one place for the first (maybe last!?) time in her little life. It was such a blessing to have Gigi preach at the St. Paul's annual missions conference. And it was beyond a blessing to get to spend some quality time with BaBa and sit at her feet and listen to the wisdom of her heart and life. We had BaBa, GiGi, Granne and Grandaddy over for dinner one night, and everyone spoiled Annie with hugs and kisses and LOTS of attention. The Lord is so gracious to give our covenant daughter such godly, loving grandparents who we know pray for her and know her and long for her life to glorify God as much as we long for it...maybe more, because with life's experience, they know how sweet it really is.
Annie & Her BaBa...Beautiful Ladies
Annie Gets a Sweet Kiss from Her GiGi

I mean...honestly.

Readers of this little blog,
I promise, I mean, I really really promise, I did NOT help my child do this. I don't know what it is about her bottles, but shes LOVES them. She'll often beg to hold them both (we have but two) and run around the house sucking on them alternately, despite the fact that they are empty. On this particular evening, I was in the kitchen, Annie was surprisingly quiet in the family room when suddenly, she rounded the corner with a big grin on her wee face. She held up her little hands as if to say, "Now they will always be with me, and we will never part." It's kind of freaky, don't you think? Like a baby Edward Scissorhands...

Sikh Squiff

Jonathan used my scarf to make Annie this little mini-turban...

...I think it becomes her...
...she likes it too.

More Shssss...

More of Annie in Some Big Girl Shoes!!!
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In Mommy's Roxy Shoes...a Gift From Daddy