Saturday, January 31, 2009

And I Think To Myself...

...what a wonderful world."

Imagine, you come home from Publix, and the house is clean, the dinner is made (quite well, I must say), the candles are lit, the house is warm, and life is beautiful. Yes, I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. And while this is merely a small picture, think pinhole view into all the ways he makes my life wonderful, I thought I'd let you see a little bit of how blessed I really am.

This bright thing at the top of the row of pictures is the last napkin from our wedding, it says, "Maggie and Jonathan Iverson
June 24, 2006"
The yummy dinner Jonathan made this evening...
Our romantic dinner for two, plus a squiff, because let's be honest, squiffs make dinner all the MORE romantic...
Candlelight, too!
xWho's the happiest woman in the world?


Pottery Barn Kids and Our Sinful Nature

Allow me to take a moment here, on my personal little blog that, as Jonathan says, about five people actually take the time to read (that might be a generous estimate) to ask,

On Friday, our good, new friend Ali, came and picked us up at home, and brought us over to her adorable apartment for the afternoon. She made us sandwhiches, let Annie run wild around all of her beautiful (mostly Ali-made) furniture and even let Annie strum Michael's awesome, black guitar (if it's out of tune, Michael, you know why...sorry!)

Annie soon exhausted all the damage she could do in the apartment, so we decided to take it to the mall where there is a PotteryBarn Kids. PBK is famed for being kid-friendly. They have toys for the kiddos to play with and the people there are so kind and nobody glares at you while your child wrecks havoc in the store. We had never been before, so I figured Annie was old enough to get a taste of good old American materialism. I saw a side of my child I had never seen before. It would be hilarious if it weren't so darn sinful. The moment I let Annie out of her stroller, she turned into a greedy, grab-it-all, gremlin. She ran from doll to doll loading them in her arms until she could carry them no longer. She found a rabbit that was as big as she was and tried to drag it around the store. She found a mini-shopping cart, which aided tremendously in her "I-only-have-two-arms-to-carry-all-the-dolls-I'm-finding" dilema, so she started loading the cart with the dolls she found. She barked at dogs. She tried to steal other childrens toys and sippy cups. She crawled in their strollers. And ran around yelling, "no! no!" I was mortified.
If I tried to help, she screamed.
If I took something away, she screamed.
If I told her "no," God-FORBID I tell her "no," oh MAN did she scream.

Finally, after 45 minutes of play in PBkids, Ali and I made a mad dash for the door to save Annie from a life of unattainable standards, greed and materialism. Ali left inspired to make lots of cool kid furniture for her future children, and Annie left screaming. Seriously, she has never screamed like this. She cried for a good 45 seconds then made it up to the food court where we finished off our decadent day with Chick-Fil-A rice dream.

We'll have to work on this...but for now, enjoy some photos of Annie Pie Squiff in her element

Ali and agree, the last picture captures in a blur the essence of Annie at PBkids:
determined, focused and out of control...

Little Oatmeal Face

Breakfast is always fun. Annie usually eats a whole banana plus oatmeal or cereal or toast or something. Lately, as she learns to feed herself with the spoon (I use the terms "learn" and "feed" very loosely, here) more of her food ends up in her hair, behind her ears and in the crevices of her neck. Delicious...

Park Hopping

Having only one car between the three of us, Annie and I take advantage of every day daddy's home to use the 'ole Pathfinder and blaze new trails to new parks we've never seen before. Here are a few photos of two new parks in our area. One is near Granne's house and Granne and Grandaddy met us there to play! There were several large reptiles made of stone; we wonder if the white witch of Narnia made an appearance there and ruined the lives of a turtle, a toad and an eft...or a gnewt...or a salamander... Don't worry, little stones creatures! Aslan is on the move.

Grandaddy swinging Annie Pie
Sitting on a Salamander
Granne playing on Annie's level
Annie on an eft...

Little Pink Crocs...

I sent them to the store for two cans of diced tomatos. Two cans. Nothing fancy or difficult. Just two plain cans of diced tomatoes. That was all. No more no less. They returned from their outing and ambled through the door, thick as thieves they were. One grinned, the other looked at her feet...I could tell something was different, something was amiss. Then I saw them. "Shhs" she said. Yes, new shoes. New, little pink crocs. Who gets crocs at the grocery store, for heaven's sake!? But they did. He bought her some shoes, hot pink, and very cute. He said she pointed to them, and he couldn't resist. And so it begins...

She's Really Into Shoes...

Lately, my little squiff runs in and out of whatever room I am working in, bringing in shoe after shoe for me to put on her darling, little feet. "Shhhhzzz!! Shhzz!" she says excitedly. I didn't teach this to her, I promise. But I have to say, it is fascinating to watch a human being becoming who they were made to be. She brings in tennis shoes and little white church shoes and sometimess even my shoes and she begs me to put them on her. "Shhz Shhhhzz!" she sputters with growing urgency. This is our latest "passion." Oh how I love my shoe-toting squiff!

My Little Wildcat!

Here she is in her new bib, a Christmas gift from Kara Jones, a former student and present Davidson Wildcat.

Dare I hope?!

Jonathan's pretty set on Annie attending UVA, but we'll see...only time will tell!

(No pressure Annie)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


We came, we saw, we're just glad we don't have to do it again...ever. Don't get me wrong, Readiness Evaluation with MTW was amazing. We learned so much about ourselves, eachother and the world. We met amazing people and we were humbled to join them in ministry for five days and watch them go back out into the world, more equipped than before. We were humbled just to be in the presence of most of these folks whose hearts for Him were apparent and beautiful in every way. We're not given liscense to say much...but we will say we are better for those five crazy days in Atlanta, better for being bare and naked in front of strangers who extended nothing but truth and the grace of God to us. An added blessing was knowing that our little Annie Pie Squiff was happy and well with her Granne, Granddaddy & Uncle Jim who loved her and cared for her vigilantly until we could be with her again. We are filled with nothing but gratitude for the opportunity and experience to go through "REV," but seriously...we're really glad we don't have to do it again.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Merry Christmas!
Here's a family photo of Maggie's side of the gene pool this past Christmas in Charlotte, NC. It was a wild time with lots of fun, stories and food to be had, but nonetheless fulfilling as time with family always is.

Annie bonded especially with Sassy Waters the beagle, who was more than patient with her. Here, Annie is being "Soft" with the doggie. Dog was her first word and seeing a "daaag" is still the highlight of any day.

Sugar Mill Pancake House and a Hike Through FL's Finest Flora...

Please, come visit us in Florida.
We'll only be living in paradise (yes, right now it is 75 degrees outside, sunny, without a cloud in the sky) for a few more months and we are taking house guests who are will to travel the long distance to come see us.


Why, the Sugar Mill Pancake House of course!!

We recently made a morning of it with our good friends the Coverstones. You cook your either plain white pancakes or yummy, hearty, whole grain pancakes on the griddle right at your table. Everything is delicious and down to earth. Just outside the mill is a natural spring whose temperatures never rise or fall below 70-75 degrees. You can swim in it, which Annie and Asher definitely tried to do, canoe or paddle boat. There are also beautiful hiking trails surrounded by palmettos and pines, as well as a few little parks for the kiddos to play on here and there. We loved it and took pictures of everything from the sugar mill to spider webs.

So come on down visit y'all!