Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Support Raising

Check out Julie's thoughts on support raising. Julie and David will be serving with us in S. Asia in the near future. Anybody unaware that we would be in S. Asia? Check out the next post. More later. I like Julie. I like her thoughts. She's kind of great.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I don't love him just because he catches snakes...

...the reasons are innumerable.

I really am most blessed among women.
I marvel daily that God gave me Jonathan, despite myself. This post will probably embarrass him, and I know it's more intimate than I tend to be on this thing, but tonight, I want to tell the world that I love my husband.

the dinner he made two nights ago...yum.

one of the babies he gave me, I love my lily

both of the babies he gave favorite gifts so far.

Cattywampus, a Ring Snake

The story of Cattywampus, the ring snake.

Jonathan catches dear Cattywampus in a kitchen container that now resides in the trash can. Cattywampus is only a baby, but even a baby snake cannot live on the back porch where my children play...

Watching this man catch a snake is like watching a symphony, I tell you. He is a master. He is so gentle, and yet, Cattywampus never had a chance. He was a lovely littel snake with a black body and reddish/orange belly. Jonathan googled him to make sure he wasn't poisenous, then named him, then tried to get Annie to play with him.

Annie was very brave, but didn't really want to touch Cattywampus. Still, she posed for several pictures alongside him in Daddy's lap and yelled his name a lot. Then we let him go outside, and she was sad. His spirit lives on, however, as we often go "hunting" for Cattywampus around the house. We will miss you little snake. Thanks for stopping by.

catt⋅y⋅wam⋅pus [kat-ee-wom-puhs] adj. 1. askew; awry. 2. positioned diagonally; cater-cornered.

(Still not sure why we named him Cattywampus,
but we've been using that word a lot lately, so, there it is.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Girl Two

Our sweet Annie turned two last Wednesday, December 9. What was life without her? I can't remember who I was before my children, and I kind of like it that way. I will always love you special, Annie Pie, because you made me a mommy. I love who you are growing up to be: sensitive, full of life, strong, curious, soft, gentle, maternal, feminine, inquisitive, musical, colorful

Here are a few photos from Annie's day:

These birds (Florida wood STORKS) were in our yard the day Annie was born, and again, a flock camped on the wires outside our window on this December 9th, too!
We began the day in traditional Iverson fashion...
Butter on the nose!
Like her mother, Annie does not particularly love this tradition.
All Annie wanted for her birthday was to help Gee Gee cook dinner.
Do you think we should spell it Ghee Ghee since we are moving to S Asia?
Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl!
Sisters pose in matching P.J.s in front of our little Christmas tree.
5 1/2 months and 2 years old

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Most Recent Trip in Photos

We took another little trip about five days after returning from Japan.
Needless to say, I am exhausted. The only thing that really kept me going, my sole inspiration, the one who shielded me from travel burn-out...was this hunk of handsome:

I love a man with a stroller.
But I digress.

Our first stop on this southeastern tour was Boone/Blowing Rock, NC.
Yes, those are cows.
Don't worry, they are behind a fence.

Baby E and Gee-Daddy kick it old school style a few days before Thanksgiving

Speaking of old school, did anyone besides Mary Stuart and me grow up going to the Candy Barrel?! It was so fun to take my kids back there. Annie particularly loved it.
Please excuse my grammar errors. I saw an old Davidson prof in the Mast General Store (by the Candy Barrel) and just now winced at the prospect of a college friend reading this poorly written prose. Forgive me. All my brain cells went to the formation of my children.

Jonathan teaching Annie the ways of the birds, the wind, the trees.

The best family photo of the 25 or so we took.

Gee Daddy builds a fire.

Annie plays with a ceramic squirrel. Eventually, she drops him and his tail breaks off. It's appropriate, though, because she called him a mouse all week and he looks more mousely that way...without a big, bushy tail, that is.

Gee Gee and Annie

Jonathan and Gee Daddy play Stratego.
Doesn't Jonathan look tall here!?

Elise and Anne
(Did I mentioned the Maynards came too?)

Lily chased this orange all over the floor. Hours of entertainment.

It snowed in the middle of our meal on Thanksgiving Day!

Jonathan shows Annie the snow

Friday morning (early) we packed up and headed to VA for Thanksgiving dinner #2 with the Chase Family! Annie loved playing with her cousins Mason, Blake and Brennan.

Uncle Mark was there.
It was stellar.

Annie and Daddy

On the way home (Sunday) we stopped in Winston-Salem to see Ashlee and Barrett!

Their house had a sweet red door and an even sweeter pile of leaves for Annie to play in.

Back to Boone for a few days.

Here is Baby E....

...and here is Baby E...Wok.

Gee Daddy, Annie, Gee Gee and Baby E.
Wednesday we headed down to Columbia, TN to see our old friends from seminary, the Middlebrooks. We love the Middlebrooks and Columbia, TN! What a charming town. Thanks y'all for having us in your new home, when you had only been in it a few days yourselves!

Annie loved getting reaquainted with Asa and Ellie and we all loved meeting sweet baby Reid, born not long after Lily.

Sharing lunch
Pretend there are photos here of Uncle Billy, Aunt Liz, Uncle Ken, Meredith Dean and a big ole Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Jackson Brown. We treasured our time with the Brentwood Iversons and loved catching up with y'all. THANK YOU for your kid friendly home and sweet hospitality. And Jonathan thanks you for the Boston Creme Pie.
A sweet reunion with more old friends from Seminary. Jonathan and I were blessed to spend a night with our friends the Garmanys! Not only did we get to see snow (!) on Lookout Mountain, but we got to meet little Win, the newest member of the Garmany clan and only a few weeks older than Lily. Annie and Hutchinson also reunited
(they, too, are only a few weeks apart in age).

Hutchinson was a delight and QUITE the gentleman. He was very shareful, and proved to be a wonderful playmate and example to Annie-Pie.

Time with you, Garmanys, was a gift in more ways than you know.
Thanks for all the encouragement and support.

Here we are in Atlantadecorating Joel and Mary Stuart's beautiful tree!

They welcomed us with open arms, Christmas poppers, and they even let Annie hang ornaments...

...and they shared their Santa hats...

...with everybody.

Joel helped Annie get over her fear or heights...and Christmas trees.
Thanks Atlanta Iversons!

Always (and I mean ALWAYS) on the way home from Atl, we stop at the FL welcome center and drink free O.J. or for me, Grapefruit Juice. Delicious.
Polk County Princess Lily
This time, there was a lovely little photo op, provided by Bartow and the Polk County something-or-other.
Polk County Princess AnnieAlmost 2 years old...

The End.