Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Annie!!

Annie's First Birthday Party!!

There were matching sweaters, monogrammed by Leigh, (check out her etsy store), matching monogrammed onesies, a sweet park full of lady bugs, cupcakes, juice boxes, lots of friends, lots of cute mommies, lots of kids, lots of fun, and three little ones born within three days of each other. How blessed are we?! Very blessed, indeed, I tell you. Very blessed indeed.

Granne coaches Annie on how to ride the ladybug...Annie thinks this is awesome.

A squiff on a slide

Coverstones, Iversons, Cunninghams
(Tri-syllabic coincidence!? I think so...)
Asher: 12.8.2007
Annie: 12.9.2007
Catcher: 12.10.2007
Catcher's Placenta: 12.11.2007

Annie eats her organic, honey-and-banana-sweetened, non-refined-sugar cupcake made by Auntie Jen

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Tea

We Love Advent:
Anticipating Christmas Day, the celebration of Christ's incarnation.
Every December, our church holds a little Advent Tea. Last year, I was pregnant during the tea. This year we brought our squiff and it was so much fun to watch her marvel at the lights.

Here, Annie looks perturbed.
Not sure why, but it could be because her father makes faces as per above...

Stay Tuned for More Details...

On Asher, Annie, & Catcher's first birthday party Saturday!

Annie's First Year

Happy 1st Birthday

Anne Oliver Iverson

I'm not nearly so sad as I thought I would be. I thought I would grieve and shed tears throughout the day. Instead I feel profoundly blessed, in every possible sense of the word, to have known and loved our little girl for this past, and first year of her little life. I understand that every mother believes her child is particularly special and talented. I am no different. Annie amazes us every day. She loves to sing and dance. Music and rhythm seem to come naturally to her. She talks all the time, although often we have no idea what she's saying, she seems quite clear about what she's trying to communicate. She is detailed and intentional. She loves to put things into containers and rearrange nearly everything in my house. I love finding her shoes and socks in my closet, her toys in my kitchen cupboard, her sippy cups in my towel drawer, my cans of tomatoes under the coffee table. I love her stubborn will and her gentle hand. I love the strength of her spirit and her sweet heart. I love everything about my precious daughter. I am ever awed by the reality that God would entrust her soul to our care, that He would graciously reveal my own sin through hers, and that He would grow us up together for as long as we have with one another. It is a great mystery, it is a great joy. Praise Him.

In typical Iversonian fashion, and in keeping with years of tradition, we buttered Annie's nose on the morning of her birthday.

Let her eat cake!

Annie's cool new "Fill & Dump" Wagon, for her to fill with things, then drag around places...

Stackable Rings from Uncle Jim!

Our Big Birthday Girl!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We're at it again, folks...

So sorry for the month-long (or so) hiatus.
Is anyone still reading this blog!?
However, there are good reasons for my lack of posting.
1. Extreme nausea, like all day, every day, morning, noon & night.
2. I wake up with a headache...well...not every morning. But the past three mornings, yes. And I feel another one coming on.
3. Sheer need for sleep. Rather than blog these days, I sleep.
"Why?" you ask...BECAUSE I'M PREGNANT!!
That's right. So sorry it took me so long to tell. I had so many creative ideas, then the 1st trimester blahs set in and I failed in so many ways as a blogger. C'est la vie. We're due June 24.
Or something like that.
The Iverson 4