Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Date with Daddy to Play some Basketball


A Day at the Sanford Zoo!

Mommy and Annie in front of the Elephants (Myrtle and Maud)

Ellie, Tee, Elena Marguerite, Jordan and Josh

What a delight she is!  
She's up to 17 lbs!

1.) Annie loves to eat eat eat Avo-Avocados...
2.) Annie in the laundry basket
3.) Annie scoots and squirms all over the place now.  She still doesn't exactly crawl, but she lunges, drags herself, and squiffs.  This particular morning, we put her on the floor and turned our backs for two minutes.  Next thing we knew, she was half way under the bed.  She's good at reverse...not so good at forward. 
4.) Annie loves her daddy!

3.)     4.)      

Mother's Day 2008

There is no doubt, being a mother has made me all the more appreciative of mothers everywhere, including my own, Jonathan's mom, Grandmas here and there and my friends who are mothers.  Its a gift, a challenge, a joy, a calling, a blessing, a refining fire.  It is far more than I ever thought it could be, and I'm only 6 months in!  Praise Him.

It's been way too long... here goes some photographic event catch up.  sorry for the lack of verbage (or perhaps you'll thank me?) but we've got to get y'all up to date!