Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Annie!!

Annie's First Birthday Party!!

There were matching sweaters, monogrammed by Leigh, (check out her etsy store), matching monogrammed onesies, a sweet park full of lady bugs, cupcakes, juice boxes, lots of friends, lots of cute mommies, lots of kids, lots of fun, and three little ones born within three days of each other. How blessed are we?! Very blessed, indeed, I tell you. Very blessed indeed.

Granne coaches Annie on how to ride the ladybug...Annie thinks this is awesome.

A squiff on a slide

Coverstones, Iversons, Cunninghams
(Tri-syllabic coincidence!? I think so...)
Asher: 12.8.2007
Annie: 12.9.2007
Catcher: 12.10.2007
Catcher's Placenta: 12.11.2007

Annie eats her organic, honey-and-banana-sweetened, non-refined-sugar cupcake made by Auntie Jen

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Tea

We Love Advent:
Anticipating Christmas Day, the celebration of Christ's incarnation.
Every December, our church holds a little Advent Tea. Last year, I was pregnant during the tea. This year we brought our squiff and it was so much fun to watch her marvel at the lights.

Here, Annie looks perturbed.
Not sure why, but it could be because her father makes faces as per above...

Stay Tuned for More Details...

On Asher, Annie, & Catcher's first birthday party Saturday!

Annie's First Year

Happy 1st Birthday

Anne Oliver Iverson

I'm not nearly so sad as I thought I would be. I thought I would grieve and shed tears throughout the day. Instead I feel profoundly blessed, in every possible sense of the word, to have known and loved our little girl for this past, and first year of her little life. I understand that every mother believes her child is particularly special and talented. I am no different. Annie amazes us every day. She loves to sing and dance. Music and rhythm seem to come naturally to her. She talks all the time, although often we have no idea what she's saying, she seems quite clear about what she's trying to communicate. She is detailed and intentional. She loves to put things into containers and rearrange nearly everything in my house. I love finding her shoes and socks in my closet, her toys in my kitchen cupboard, her sippy cups in my towel drawer, my cans of tomatoes under the coffee table. I love her stubborn will and her gentle hand. I love the strength of her spirit and her sweet heart. I love everything about my precious daughter. I am ever awed by the reality that God would entrust her soul to our care, that He would graciously reveal my own sin through hers, and that He would grow us up together for as long as we have with one another. It is a great mystery, it is a great joy. Praise Him.

In typical Iversonian fashion, and in keeping with years of tradition, we buttered Annie's nose on the morning of her birthday.

Let her eat cake!

Annie's cool new "Fill & Dump" Wagon, for her to fill with things, then drag around places...

Stackable Rings from Uncle Jim!

Our Big Birthday Girl!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We're at it again, folks...

So sorry for the month-long (or so) hiatus.
Is anyone still reading this blog!?
However, there are good reasons for my lack of posting.
1. Extreme nausea, like all day, every day, morning, noon & night.
2. I wake up with a headache...well...not every morning. But the past three mornings, yes. And I feel another one coming on.
3. Sheer need for sleep. Rather than blog these days, I sleep.
"Why?" you ask...BECAUSE I'M PREGNANT!!
That's right. So sorry it took me so long to tell. I had so many creative ideas, then the 1st trimester blahs set in and I failed in so many ways as a blogger. C'est la vie. We're due June 24.
Or something like that.
The Iverson 4

Monday, November 10, 2008

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

We can never put Muslims in prison, because the international Muslim community would create an uproar; similarly with Jews, Siks or Buddhists--but we can do anything we want with Christians because no one ever raises their voice in defense of Christians."  

Chief of Police in Nepal
Baroness Cox WEF address

Yesterday, Sunday, November 9, was the international day of prayer for the persecuted church.  In worship, we learned that somewhere in the realm of 400+ Christians are killed every day because of their faith.  I am halted by this number and convicted.  Not only had I no idea this was going on, but the reality of their martyrdom only reinforces, by comparison, the incredible safety and comfort to which I have grown so accustomed.  But guilt is not helpful; if anything, is hinders us from action as we wallow in it and gulp it down like penance. Instead, there are a few things that we can do, here in these United States, to encourage, aid and remember our brothers and sisters who die in faith for a truth that cannot be taken from them:

1. Stay informed (
3. Speak Out

Those who know people who are suffering for Christ around the world, know that no matter their needs, no matter their desperation, pain, sorrows, their common theme, their ever-present request is prayer.  The Lord is mighty to save and he will defend His people.  Remember them in your prayers tonight, and tomorrow and each day following.  Remember to let it stir your heart and rekindle your compassion as you move about in this busy world that feels so far away.  And remember, that as the Body suffers in one part, so we all suffer together. 

"They are often dying of hunger and disease, or being slaughtered in war; they may be cold and naked, yet their first request is always for prayer."  Baroness Caroline Cox

Nov 9, Sunday, is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I tried making it once, and failed miserably.  It was Kefir--Gross. 

Then I tried again, and I let it incubate just a little bit longer.  I kept a closer eye on my water temperature.  And ultimately, God was gracious.


Luscious, Creamy, Delectable...


for wonderful recipes for yogurt and wise living, check out 
More With Less, The Mennonite cookbook

So Fall Doesn't Really Happen Here...

But this does...and it is the delight of my heart each year!  It changes from flaming, brilliant letter, to bright and glorious pink!  And all its leaves cry "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts!"  So no, our leaves don't turn in typical maple tree fashion red and gold and the air still isn't crisp, but this little tree in our backyard makes it all seem a little less painful that Florida doesn't really have a Fall.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Girly Girl...

Annie was so into Miss Kara's pink, shiny purse and louis vuitton  umbrella...

The Art Festival: Marking Milestones in our Lives

For our little family of three, the Winter Park Art Festival marks a number of milestones. We remember life's precious moments, shall we say, by Art Festivals. There are two Art Festivals each year: one in the Spring and one in the Autumn, which is funny, because we don't really have Autumn here. These two festivals are technically different, but really, they're exactly the same.

In the Spring of 2007, we went to the Art Festival as a couple. We rode on Jonathan's motorcycle. We were young and fit with nary a care in the world. A week later we found out we were pregnant with the squiff. Motorcycle riding was a thing of the past for mommy.

In the Fall of 2007, 7 months pregnant and waddling about in my last trimester, we went to the Art Festival with our good friends, the Garmanys. Ash was 8 months pregnant at the time (although she looked a LOT smaller than I, as everyone pointed out, often...nice.) We sweated our way through the art festival for about 30 minutes before decided, "Not worth it, time to go home." A month or two later, our babes were born.

In the Spring of 2008, again we attended the Art Festival, with new baby in tow. We were again fearless, with a few more cares, but trying to pretend that parenthood had changed nothing and that of course we bring our new baby to the Art Festival, like, no big deal. Have you ever tried breast feeding on a park bench in front of thousands of people and their dogs!? Awkward.

In the Fall of 2008 (today!) We went to the art festival...twice. We met up with friends. We strolled. We looked at art. We had a blast. Annie was a total charmer. She drew crowds, I tell you. We spent $13 on 1 bottle of water, 1 gyro and 1 arctic ice (all of which we split). We feel like poor stewards. Hungry poor stewards. But it was still awesome. Because in a weird way, it's all clicked. Life is not "easy" per se, but it has clicked. And we love it now more than we ever could have imagined in the carefree spring of 07.

Thanks God, for so many gifts, blessings, and good things poured out on us, the undeserving recipients of Your grace.

Like Mother Like Daughter

A book in one hand, a bottle of homemade cleaning solution in the other.  I found her this way, toddling toward me with her treasures.  Young and idealistic, ready to change the world, or at least clean it.  Could a mother be more proud!? (Especially this one.) 
I think life is complete now. 

The Most Wonderful Time of the [Day]

Our very favorite time of the day, the time we wait all day to meet with smiling faces, open arms and warm hearts* is the time when daddy comes home! Each day we anticipate, we listen, we breathlessly await that spectacular sound, exhausts roaring over the hum of the nearby highway to let us know that Daddy has turned onto Eli St. and he's rounding the bend, speeding down the street on his (HOTTT) motorcycle to see us! It's only moments, seconds, but it feels like eternity. This warm October afternoon, Annie and I waited outside with our "Welcome Home" signs and camera to capture this sacred time of day.
What bliss.
*cheesy, I know...if you're prone to nausea at the least sentiment, this post is not for you
Welcome Home!!

"Hurry home dad! I can't hold off eating this paper much longer...It's just so tempting"

Mom and Squiff

Daddy and His Girl

Eat With Both Hands!

In addition to walking, and talking, the squiff is fully feeding herself. This has been a trend, on and off, for the past few weeks, but now Annie Pie acts almost incensed if you try to pop food in her mouth. She's quite insistent on feeding herself, thank you very much; which makes for rather a messy meal time. She pincer grabs, and if she's super dexterous that day, she pops the finger food in her mouth. If not, she balls it up in her fist and sort of shoves her whole hand in her mouth, opens it, gags lightly (I think her fingers go too far down...), then pulls her hand out and leaves food in mouth. Pretty amazing, if you ask her doting parents. It is so exciting to watch my baby girl grow more and more independent each day.
(Read: Exciting and PAINFUL...but exciting.)
Here, Annie is big-girl-feeding herself bananas, whole wheat toast and maybe some grapes...not sure. Food is harder to identify the smaller it gets.

Annie's Current Vocabulary:
Dah: dog (or sometimes squirrels, cats, quadruped, etc...)
da-ohl: doll
dah dah dah dah dah: Dad
MaMaMaMa: Mom
Ba: Bottle
Ba: Ball
BaBaBwah: Bye Bye
Bay-Or: Bear (I kid you not)
Book: Book
Ts: Tree
And in response to "Who Made You?": God*
*but sometimes she answers Dah, or Bay-Or we're not sure how well she grasps transcendent beings...

fyi: Annie's language, in addition to being made up of only a few sounds, is also a tonal chinese. So it's really more complex than it seems. of course.

Like Any Woman...

...Annie and her mother, both, share a natural, grounded, rational fear of motorcycles.  Of course, this doesn't mean we don't enjoy riding them (I enjoy it at present, Annie will someday), and as follows, we support daddy riding his motorcycle (on which he looks oh-so-HOTTTT).  However, I find it hilarious and telling that this was Annie's first reaction to being on a motorcycle:


Saturday, September 27, 2008


It was such an absolute JOY to watch these precious Iverson cousins play together this past weekend.  In order of birth: Daniel Josiah Iverson V, Noa Noll, Trinity Iverson, Annie Iverson, Martha Iverson, and ? Iverson in Kimberly's womb.  
As the loan boy, Daniel Josiah could be rebellious about having to play with his girl cousins.  He could easily have grown weary of their dancing and squealing; he could have become violent when they wanted to play with dolls; he could have played too rough or given up on their childish, female antics.  Instead, dear child, he played gently, tenderly and patiently with his little girl cousins.  He pet them and protected them.  He hugged and kissed them.  Even when Annie was abusing him, Daniel Josiah gently leaned in for a kiss and forgave her with the grace of a martyr.  
We LOVE little DanJo!

Noa's name means "Beautiful Love" in Japanese and she certainly lives up to it.  She is a delight to know.  She is full of personality and life.  It's so easy to see that she'll be the queen bee and leader for all her younger cousins, and what better lady to set the tone and example for the little girls who follow her?  Noa is precious and obedient, but full of will and spunk, too.  She is sweet as can be and so much fun to be around.  It is such a blessing to watch her mother lovingly discipline her for her good and God's glory.  And as a result, Noa's heart is soft and open.  You can tell already that she is a child deeply loved who loves in return.
We LOVE Cousin Noa!

Trinity is the coolest kid in the cousin pack, I'm convinced.  She is ADORABLY cute and so chill.  We need a chill cousin.  Trinity, like her brother, is gentle and kind.  The first time she saw Annie, she leaned into her and gave her the sweetest, most gently hug I have ever seen. It was real, so curious and kind.  Annie, in turn, grabbed Trinity's arm and pinched and made Trinity cry. Annie takes after her mother.  Sigh.  Nonetheless, Trinity quickly forgave Annie and helped her learn how to gently hug over the course of the weekend.  We are so thankful for Cousin Trinity to add some stability and calm to the pack, as well as a flare for friendship.  

We LOVE Trinity Kat!

Last, but certainly not least, we love sweet baby Martha (Barfa).  Martha and Annie are the two cousins closest in age of all the five and I think they will be good friends as the years go by. Martha Evangeline is named after her two aunts, Martha Iverson Robinson and Eric's sister.  Martha Evangeline puts up with a lot, cousins running in circles around her, crawling over her, knocking her over when she's just trying to sit up, (not to mention a sister and an aunt who call her Barfa).  But Martha bears all this and more with great patience and love.  She smiles for all who seek her to, and she loves everyone around her so it seems.  Can't wait to see what the Lord does with this precious little one.

We LOVE Baby Martha Evangeline Noll!

Of course, we also loved playing with our Chase cousins, Blake, Mason, Liam and Brennan, but perhaps because of Cake Baking and Grace Conferencing, we saw less of them this weekend. :)  Love y'all!

Martha's Wedding: Highlights

This most recent, luscious family reunion occured because Jonathan's beloved little sister, sweet Martha, decided to marry the love of her life, Ian Robinson. Ian is a stud. He is outdoorsy, thoughtful, artistic and most importantly, loves the Lord. And we love Ian. Jonathan is especially thankful that someone good enough came along to marry Martha, whom he absolutely adores. Martha is the only Iverson who came to visit Jonathan when he was living in Morocco.
All of this to say, we are grateful to Martha & Ian for their splendid timing as it afforded us a most wonderful opportunity to get together with the Iversons and Chases.
One of the highlights of our time was meeting Martha Evangeline Noll (Annie's cousin, Noa's sister) and Cousin Liam for the first time!

Annie and Martha Evangeline
(a.k.a. Barfa according to Noa)

Of course other highlights include...

Aunt Mary Stuart!

Cousin Noa "hold[ing] you"

Great Grandpa Bill
(Big Pop)

Playing outside in the BEAUTIFUL Virginia Fall weather (Oh how my heart sang!)

Uncle Joel


More Cousins

Uncle Billy

Aunt Martha & Aunt Hannah

family time

sweet Aunt Say-ah
(Aunt Sara Beth)

the wedding

falling asleep on me

and did I mention...matching dresses!

(Many more were there, not nearly enough were mentioned...we'll try to get a shout out to all before the wedding posts are over. For those I miss..I'M SORRY!)