Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I love my in-laws. Sara Beth and Eric Noll and their baby, Noa, came down to visit us this week. They brought the most beautiful love into our home, literally. Noa means "Beautiful Love" in Japanese and she is the most precious baby! She smiles and hardly cries...even though she has razor sharp teeth coming into her tiny mouth. Over the weekend, we took her to the Park with our Supper Club, below, and she was an angel.
Noa LOVES her Aunt Maggie and Uncle Jon!

We also took the Nolls with us to Lake Eola Park where Jonathan and Eric and Sara and Maggie played on all the park equiptment (don't worry...we were accompanied by a child!). We walked around the lake and had so much fun. We love our precious family!

Oh Date Night:

Although we don't have them nearly so often as we would like, perhaps that makes them all the more precious.

During Jonathan's Spring "Break," aptly termed, "Greek Week" by RTS students because they have to study Greek all week, we did find some time to do the things we always talk about doing! We took the motorcycle...

Down to Fuji Sushi, our favorite sushi restaurant just down the road, and spent one of our Christmas presents on massive amounts of raw fish. Yum! All in all, we spent only $2.36 on dinner.

Then we went to see "Amazing Grace," the new film about the life of William Wilberforce and the abolition of the slave trade. It was refreshing and moving, and Jonathan's prof was kind enough to treat us!

...Talk about a cheap date.

(We love chopsticks!)

Back in March, Jonathan and I went to the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, a tradition among Winter Parkers and one of my favorite events to attend all year! The weekend was GORGEOUS--cool, crisp and sunny with clear blue skies and perfect weather. We rode the motorcycle over to Park Avenue and perused the different exhibits. One of our favorites...or rather Jonathan's favorites is pictured. These statues looked SO real! Some of them even had cellulite and chest hair. They creeped me out, but they were definitely cool.