Friday, November 17, 2006

"He who finds a wife, finds a good thing."
The brother, cousin, and beautiful wives.

“…this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation.” --George W Bush

In recent years the American political stance on Middle Eastern policy has been taking a terminological overhaul. From “war on terror” to “war on Islamic fascists”, the respective contenders define degrees of commitments while the proverbial line in the sand is being drawn. As the victims of radical Islamic atrocities implore the governments to call it what it is, as the politically corrects of the international theater beg for tolerable verbiage and empty euphemisms, and as the war on a tactic is no longer implicit, we find the leader of the free world drawing inconclusive assumptions between the state of American safety and Mussolini controlled Italy. Furthermore the concession is made that assumes Islamic leaders are adverse to the freedom we enjoy and therefore are necessarily at war with Americans. Are such allegations merited or are they merely derisive taunts? For those rubbernecking the polarizing world, such a demarcation of terminology as this is monumental. Insomuch that implications of this wording will have far reaching political consequences, so are the effects rippling into the religious spheres as the Christian and Islamic horns lock even tighter.

Defining Islam in terms that honor both its history and implicate its violence has always been arduous. Consequently, the setting forth of a respectful modus operandi toward Muslims (and how much more a national policy toward Islamic authorities?) can be equally tiresome. However, setting forth a Christian agenda regarding this institution can in fact influence both regimes: the Islamic authorities and the Western powers that seek to quell their advances. This approach to establish a Christian agenda bases its contentions on a biblically developed view of those without Christ, an analysis of Islam, and draws upon divine principles of a conquering love. Perhaps a more informed Christian view could be a viable alternative, if not entirely juxtaposed, to George W. Bush’s battle cry. Perhaps while seeking a clearer understanding without compromising truth, one might find this a more hopeful response or explanation to this seemingly ascendant movement that is Islam and its advances, both active and passive...